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Quabbin Trails programs * Sponsored programs
Quabbin Trails Program
Winter 2019
The Quabbin region is blessed with abundant forest, field and beaver pond habitats that support a
wide variety of wilderness wildlife. The Quabbin area is ideally situated within moderate travelling distance
from population centers in central and southern New England to provide many nature lovers with a
memorable wildlife experience.
Please note:  Quabbin Trails programs are not conducted in Quabbin Reservation itself. Instead other
natural areas in the North Quabbin Region are used.

Suitablility: Outdoor programs are suitable for reasonably fit adults and accompanied teenagers 13 years and
up. Both beginner and experienced trackers are welcome. However, participants should be free of any medical
condition that might be aggravated by long periods of walking on rough terrain in snow. Since much travel is off-
trail, programs are not suitable for anyone with balance or coordination problems. .
Due to the difficulty in
obtaining emergency medical care in remote locations, Quabbin programs are not recommended for
anyone with a history of incapacitating sudden-onset illness.

Clothing and Equipment: Dress for the weather. Bring lunch and water. For winter programs, dress in layers
with warm snow-proof boots. Bring extra clothes in a pack along with a thermos with hot fluid. Sunglasses are a must
expecially for late winter programs where snow glare can be painful. Check conditions and bring snowshoes if
needed. Call or e-mail ahead if you are unsure.

Directions:  Quabbin programs meet at 9:45 a.m. in the back room of the country store across from the
Petersham common. The store opens at 9am, carries trail snacks and serves breakfast if you wish to arrive early.  
From the common we will carpool-caravan to a North Quabbin natural area. From Boston take Exit 17 (Rte. 32) and
go south 6 miles to the common. From other directions see a roadmap or internet map service.

Registration: Use the linked registration blank only to register for "Quabbin Trails" programs described on this
page..(For events on the Sponsored Programs page, refer directly to the sponsoring organization for details and
If you wish to register after the deadline indicated in the program description above, please e-mail first
to ensure that the program has openings.

Please note: in order to get an accurate count of participants, those who have unused registration fees
on account should let me know by e-mail for any program they wish to attend.

  • In the event a program is not adequately subscribed by the registration deadline, you will be notified of
    cancellation at the telephone number or e-mail address you supplied on the blank.
  • You may withdraw from a program with refund any time before the registration deadline. After the deadline
    refund depends on filling the vacancy from a waiting list. In a  personal emergency you may, of course,
    withdraw with refund at any time.
  • If  inappropriate weather conditions are forecast, requiring postponement or cancellation, you will be e-mailed
    after the registration deadline according to the contact information supplied on the registration blank.

Preparations for Quabbin Trails programs:
Quabbin Trails Winter Programs 2019
Quabbin Trails tracking programs vary from session to session depending on what the conditions and
wildlife availability dictate. Often we follow the trail of one or more of the larger predators, identifying and
interpreting evidence of other species as we go along.
To Register for Quabbin Trails programs, use a blank from the registration page. After the deadline noted
above, please e-mail first to ensure that there is space in the program.
Quabbin Area Tracking:
All winter tracking programs are scheduled on Sundays from 10am-
3pm. We meet in the back room of the Petersham Country store at
9:45 from where we will carpool to a local area for the day's
activities. Generally, we search for a variety of animal sign and may
by consensus choose to follow a single animal, usually a predator,
for some distance.

No previous tracking experience is necessary. Experienced trackers
in the group will be challenged to find, identify and interpret animal
sign, and then explain their thought processes in arriving at their
conclusions for the benefit of the less experienced.

Sessions are invariably friendly and welcoming, with everyone
enjoying a frosty winter day in beautiful surroundings while we
discover something of the secret lives of wild animals that hide from
us in the foliage and the night.

Winter Tracking Schedule 2018-19    
  • March 17 (Registration deadline: March 13)
  • March 31 (Registration deadline March 27)
  • April 14  (Registration deadline: April 10)