Gray fox and sun
David Brown
David Brown's Wildlife Services
12 Hotel Road
Warwick, MA 01378
Tel: 978 544 8175
Quabbin Trails programs * Sponsored programs
Sponsored Programs
Winter 2017-18
Programs will be posted in this location as sponsoring organizations
request them. Check back frequently for additions.

Tracking the Black Bear.
Wednesday, January 3, 7-8 pm at the Warwick Free Library
    The presence of this normally secretive mammal has become more
apparent in our landscape for a number of reasons. While observing
bears at length may be difficult, finding, identifying and interpreting the
evidence they leave behind can tell us a great deal about this iconic
species. This slide program will try to bring the black bear out of the
shadows so that we can learn about its interesting hidden life.
    This program is sponsored by the Warwick Cultural Council with
funding from the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state organization
Winter Tracking in Northfield
    Wild animals live all around us but so discreetly that we may be
unaware of their presence.This program will introduce the basic
techniques of finding, identifying and interpreting the tracks, trails and
other evidence that wild animals leave behind on the snowy landscape.
In this way we can learn about their hidden lives.
Indoor slide program: Tuesday, January 30 6:30-8pm.
Outdoor program: Saturday, February 3, 9-11:30.
Both programs are sponsored by and meet at the Dickenson Memoriial
Library on Main St., Northfield, MA.
Tracking Beaver Pond Wildlife
Late February at Summer Star Wildlife Sanctuary, Boylston, MA. Details to be announced.