Gray fox and sun
David Brown
David Brown's Wildlife Services
12 Hotel Road
Warwick, MA 01378
Tel: 978 544 8175
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Spring-Summer 2018
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Summer Tracks and Sign
Sunday, July 22 1-4 pm at Summer Star Wildlife Sanctuary,
Boylston MA.
Tracking is not just a winter activity. In non-snow seasons wild
animals leave signs of their presence, but these often are more difficulty
to detect, hiding in plain sight but inconspicuous against a confusing
backgrount. Not only tracks in mud and sand, but also feeding sign,
scat, burrows, scrapes and rubs are available to the alert mind. Spring
through fall is the subtle season, requiring concentration in something
like ecological forensics to find, identify and interpret sign: why was the
animal here and what was it doing?
      Summer Star is a private wildlife sanctuary located at 6
90 Linden
Street in Boylston, Mass. An indoor slide presentation will be followed by
2-hours walking in the sanctuary to discover some of this hidden
evidence of wildlife activity. The program is free; however registration is