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Wildlife tracking and other nature programs


The warmth of summer has arrived, vegetation is growing in the sunshine and hungry offspring are beginning to emerge from birthing dens. Parent animals are forced to forage day and night to provide the food that the rapidly growing pups and kits require. Their hunting forays leave behind evidence of their passing to be found, identified and interpreted by the observant tracker. 

As the sun climbs higher in the sky, water in ponds and lakes typically lowers from evaporation, exposing shoreline that often reveals tracks and trails. In the woods signs of predation and feeding can be found by persistent trackers. Come along and learn the techniques of observation, identification and interpretation this summer and fall. 



Next Quabbin Trails Program:

Sunday, July 14

 Summer-fall schedule 2024

  • Sunday, June 16, 10am-3pm: Quabbin tracking,
  • Sunday, July 14, 10am-3pm: Quabbin tracking,
  • Sunday, August 4, 10am-3pm: Quabbin tracking,
  • Sunday, October 6, 10am-3pm: Quabbin tracking,
  • Sunday, November 10, 10am-3pm: Quabbin tracking

Please see the Quabbin Trails page or the Sponsored Programs page for details.