About David Brown

Tracker-naturalist David Brown provides several services
focused on New England wildlife. These include:

  • Interpretive programs, both indoor and outdoor including animal tracking and birds.
  • Wildlife surveys for public and private landowners.
  • Wildlife education consults for nature teaching organizations.
  • Docent training for organizations wishing to develop volunteer naturalists to lead walks.



David Brown is a lifelong naturalist with over 30 years experience as an animal tracker, interpreting the tracks, trails and other sign of New England wildlife. His birding experience extends back to his boyhood. David began presenting animal tracking programs in 1992 after studying the field for six years. He is the author of two books on animal tracking as well as a set of identification cards.

David has conducted extensive tracking surveys in the Middlesex Fells Reservation near Boston as well as for the Greater Lovell Land Trust and in several other natural areas in New England. He has provided docent training for the Greater Lovell Land Trust in Maine and the Friends of Alewife Reservation in eastern Mass. In addition, he has conducted several orientation walks for the Metropolitan District Commission and the Department of Conservation and Recreation in Mass.

David has provided nature education planning for Lakes Environmental Association in Brigton, Maine, and for the Camp Nihan Environmental Center in Saugus, Mass.

A lifetime of wilderness travel, thousands of miles of ski touring and over 70 winter ascents in the White Mountains of New Hampshire round out his background.

David is a graduate of Tufts University and a former Marine infantry officer.


A collection of over 5000 slides and digital images as well as 16 hours of video clips form the main resource for indoor interpretive programs. 150 track casts and many other wildlife artifacts are also used in these programs.

Past program sponsors:

David has presented programs, either indoor or outdoor, for nearly 60 organizations ranging from land trusts, science centers, cultural councils, libraries, nature clubs to teacher training and Keeping Track groups.

Wildlife Inventories:

Extensive, multi-year tracking and bird surveys have been conducted for the Middlesex Fells Reservation and the Friends of Alewife Reservation in Massachusetts. In addition, several such studies have been done for the Greater Lovell Land Trust in Maine. Several other inventories of shorter duration have been conducted for a half-dozen private landowners. For several years he also collected marsh bird data for the Lake Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge in Errol, New Hampshire.